In the press

Early in May cyclone Nargis tore though the Irraerwaddy Delta region of Myanmar (Burma), destroying countless villages, causing major damage to the capital, Yangon, and more tragically, causing death and disablement to tens of thousands of people. While Travel Indochina does not work in Myanmar, it works in neighbouring countries (Laos, Thailand and China) and has a broad interest in events of Southeast Asia. Myanmar, of course is one of the least developed countries in Asia and lacks an infrastructure capable of responding quickly to national disasters.

The Travel Indochina Responsible Travel Committee, together with staff from our Australian and Asian offices, decided it would raise money in aid of Myanmar relief efforts and pooled more than $AU2,500 for remittance to Myanmar. These monies will be used to carry out grass roots work such as the delivery of emergency supplies the construction of shelter.

The Travel Indochina Responsible Travel Committee would like to sincerely thank everyone who made a donation to our Southeast Asian neighbour in need