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Local Embassies

Do you need a visa to travel to your chosen destination? The links below will direct you to the relevant embassy in your home country.

Vietnam Embassy
Thailand Embassy
Cambodia Embassy
Laos Embassy
India Embassy
China Embassy
Japan Embassy


Destination Info

Want more information about the country you plan to be travelling in? If you can't find what you need to know on our site try one of the links below.

Google Maps
Picture Places


Official Tourism Websites

Want to get a local perspective on your chosen destination? Visit the local tourist authority website for your destination here.

Tourism Vietnam
Tourism Thailand
Tourism Cambodia
Tourism Laos
Tourism India
Tourism China
Tourism Japan



What vaccinations and medications might be necessary for your vacation? Visit one of the links below to find out.

Travel Doctor
Travel Insurance
Travel Advice



What's the best time of year to travel? Do you need to pack a sweater or bring your rain gear? Visit the links below to find out!

World Weather




How many dong can you get for your dollar? Find out the latest exchange rates here.

Currency Exchange