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You are sure to be impressed by the caliber, professionalism and true passion for Asia that our worldwide staff shares. From our country managers in Asia to our sales team in Australia, we’re pleased to introduce you to some members of our ever-growing family.

Tour Leaders

Antigone Garner
Antigone is delighted to share her love of travel, hot weather and spicy food with fellow travellers. These passions were instilled in her from a young age while growing up in Jakarta and Dubai. Her career in tourism has taken her from the heights of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, to the diverse delights of Vietnam and the awesome beauty of Angkor.


Cathy Tobin
Cathy fell in love with Asia as soon as she got off the plane in Thailand 20 years ago. Her passion has never ended and she always finds surprises and something new in this exciting and colorful continent. She is proud to call Asia her home.


Craig Duncan
Craig is a qualified chef and has a passion for food & for sharing amazing food experiences. He enjoys the culture & people of South-East Asia and trains in Muay Thai (Thai Kick-boxing) to keep fit. He will definitely ensure that your taste buds are tantalised as you eat your way through Asia.


Graham Read
Graham has been working at Travel Indochina for 2 years, leading tours in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and India. Graham’s fascination with Asia stems from his studies at university and his family’s historical relationship with the continent. Graham has developed a deep fascination with ethnic minority groups of the region and their diverse customs and culture.


Jennifer Brown
Originally from the US, Jenn has now called Asia home coming up to 3 years. One of her favorite tour-leading experiences is taking travellers to Beijing's Temple of Heaven Park and seeing the excitement in their eyes as the park comes alive with locals singing, dancing, playing cards, and doing aerobics.


Lauren James
From the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Lauren is one of our most experienced tour leaders and enjoys sharing her wealth of knowledge and passion with travellers. From Maharaja’s palaces in India to sunrises at Angkor Wat, Lauren feels at home and enjoys exploring all that this region has to offer.


Laurey Saker
Laurey, from Melbourne, first came to Asia at 18 and fell in love with the people and the fascinating culture in this area of the world. She returned 18 months ago for 3 months and is still there. Laurey cannot imagine living anywhere else and her enthusiasm and smile is obvious to all that travel with us.


Martin Cooke
Hailing from the UK, Martin has an extensive background in tour leading prior to joining Travel Indochina 12 months ago. Martin is a traveller in the true sense of the word, whether its spending time getting to know the locals or cruising through the highlands, Martin feels at home in all places and loves sharing these experiences with others.


Matt Nelson
After a career in Sydney as an architect, Matt decided to pack up and move to Asia 2 years ago and is now proud to call the region his home. For Matt it’s the juxtaposing nature of Asia that spurs his passion; from the bustle of Ho Chi Minh City to the vastness of the Silk Road, there is always something different and unique to explore.


Sheri Bell
Sheri had been with Travel Indochina for 3 months and thinks Vietnam Cambodia & Laos are truly fascinating destinations...I never imagined riding an ATV quad bike around Moreton Island and 4 wheel driving on Fraser Island would lead to a lifestyle I love, working in and jet-setting around South East Asia. It really is like I am living a dream.


Tiffany Meagher
'Tiff' or more commonly known as 'PIFF' in Vietnamese lingo loves Asia where people have so little, yet are so happy and have the most amazing smiles. She enjoys the bustle of motos to the stunning mountainous terrain, from squatting on a street corner slurping 'pho' with the locals, to sipping latte on the lake, with beautiful beaches and glorious weather, who wouldn't gain so much joy and satisfaction in being able to share these amazing experiences with others!



Paul Hole is our Managing Director & Travel Indochina’s cofounder. Though based in Sydney, he’s on a plane to Asia at the first opportunity.

Alastair Scott looks after our international operations from his base in Sydney. Previously, Alastair managed our team in Saigon.



Antony Giblin is Team Leader of our product department. After years based in Saigon, Antony opened our Cambodian operations and is now based in Sydney.

Marissa Brown takes care of our Thailand, Singapore, Boreno and Malaysia product, and her passion for Southeast Asia is infectious.



Jackie Price is our China Product Manager, and has spent years working from our offices in both Asia and Australia, but her true love is for the Middle Kingdom.

Eric Finley has worn just about every hat at Travel Indochina, from tour leader to sales manager, and these days is in charge of our product in India & the Maldives.



Steve Brady is our Vietnam Country Manager and moved to Saigon after spending several years in each of our Phnom Penh and Sydney offices.

Terry Gordon takes care of our tour leaders and works closely with our local guide team. Diligent, professional, and quick with a laugh – we all love Terry!



Rob Rankin heads up our operations team in Saigon. Previously a senior tour leader, he now ensures the smooth operations of all of our trips on the ground.

Phil Jordan is the face of Travel Indochina in Laos; previously a senior tour leader, he now ensures our passengers in Laos feel right at home.



Darren Szwarcburg is our Vietnam Product Manager. Saigon is now well and truly home for Darren, and not just because of the amazing cuisine!




Graham Freeman manages our inside sales team in Australia. He brings with him a wealth of retail experience and an insatiable interest in all things Asia.

Sonja van den Bosch looks after our international sales and marketing teams. Her business acumen is only matched by her love of travel.



Angela Ferres is our National Sales Manager, but previously worked in our product departments. She’s been to Thailand more than anyone we know!

Linh Le is one of our Business Development Managers in New South Wales. He gets back to Vietnam (and loves to go deluxe!) as often as possible.



Katrina Barnett is a Business Development Manager in New South Wales, and loves sharing her travel experiences at our frequent film nights.

Claudia Wolf is one of our longest-serving Business Development Managers, and brings her utter passion for India and abroad to New South Wales.



Katrina Agnew is our Business Development Manager in Victoria and Tasmania, and her motto is “have passport will travel !!”. Katrina loves that she can share her enthusiasm for travel and Asia every day!

Karen Dowling has brought her Irish-borne travel expertise to Australia since 1988. Asia cast her spell on Karen years ago, and she can’t get enough.



Fiona Axford takes care of our business development in Western Australia, and is drawn to the beaches of Thailand, Vietnam and beyond.

Madeline Stocks is our Business Development Manager in South Australia, and as a Mum is especially fond of our unique Family Journeys.



Nicky Fatouros (Victoria Business Development Manager) has spent over 20 years in the travel industry - in retail, wholesale and being a Tour Director and loves every aspect about it. She also loves to share her many experiences when she can.

Cindy Rickard has worn several hats at Travel Indochina, and we continue to find new and exciting ways to tap into her amazing Asia knowledge. She spent her university years living and studying in Japan. If you’re invited over to Cindy’s for dinner, expect to feast on spicy masalas, curries and more!
Interested to meet Cindy's team?


After finishing her Masters in International Marketing Communications and spending almost 5 years in the UK, Heidi has returned home to join Travel Indochina where she can share her passion for Asia through online marketing.

John Q. La is an Asia Specialist and Retail Sales Consultant in our Los Angeles office. He is a first generation Vietnamese immigrant and world traveller who earned his Bachelor’s degree in International Relations from UC Berkeley and his Master’s degree in Business Administration from Thunderbird School of Global Management.